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A simple, introductory lesson to introduce our Play – Pause – Learn approach to lessons, with built-in pauses for discussion, the activity, and a quiz at the end to assess for understanding. The only materials needed are “Orbits” templates, available on our platform, and some basic classroom supplies.

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STEAM On Demand brings together technology and traditional classroom instruction to deliver concepts, engage with students, manage project-based activities, and assess for understanding.

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Our Testimonials

"STEAM On Demand® has been instrumental in helping our growth at some of our programs where we were having challenges. It has been my goal coming into this school year to increase the quality of STEM education and so far STEAM On Demand® has been very helpful in achieving that. "
Victor Alvarado Curiel
Regional Manager, ARC Experience
"I am thrilled with this program. It's been amazing to see the elementary students and the high school students coming together and both learning and doing the projects. The students look forward to the afternoons when they are going to be working around STEM lessons and creating projects."
Luis Ochoa
Director, Local District Central LAUSD